Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is made secure using cryptography, which means it is near to impossible for someone to counterfeit it. This currency can be used in exchange. Cryptocurrency can be used to buy goods, invest, mine, and use for business as payment.

They are many kinds of Cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin being the first one. Some examples are Ethereum, ripple, bitcoin cash, NEM, Litecoin, IOTA, NEO, Qtum, and Monero. You cannot store Cryptocurrency like all the other regular currency. A digital signature is to be used as a key in case of transactions. There are 1,800 ATMs for Bitcoin in about 58 countries in the world.

There are certain websites that you can use to trade Cryptocurrency. Voyager and Coinbase are such websites. Coinbase is the easiest website to start trading in, especially for newbies. There are many more alternatives to Coinbase, such as Voyager, ITrustCapital, SmartBotCoin, Kraken, and Coinmama.

In this article, we will be covering the major pointers on Coinbase and Voyager. This will majorly help you choose which is better for you as it depends on your needs and interests.


If you are in the process of learning about Cryptocurrency, the website Coinbase is a great place to be at. This is useful for extremely reliable and simple cryptocurrency exchange. With Coinbase, you can link it to your bank account and exchange cryptocurrency.

The drawback is that Coinbase charges a large fee when you buy Bitcoin. If the value of the transaction is lower than 10 dollars, you are charged flat 0.99 dollars. If the value of the transaction is higher than 10 dollars but lower than 25 dollars, you are charged 1.49 dollars. If the value of the transaction is more than 50 dollars and lesser than 200 dollars, you pay 2.99 dollars.

This high fee is the reason most people do not opt for Coinbase. The main reason people opt for Coinbase is that people can exchange Cryptocurrency without fully understanding what it is. It is best for beginners who can learn on the go. This website is useful if you are a casual investor in Cryptocurrency. You are also allowed to buy Bitcoin using your credit card.

Although it is great for beginners, people get frustrated due to the features installed on the website to prevent fraud. You are required to be patient for a waiting period of 3 whole days to transfer currency to an exterior wallet.

Coinbase is not suitable for day traders. It is also not the best choice if you are one who looks for anonymity and security. You are required to wait for many days for funds to clear when you have sold funds, and you want to move money to the bank account.

The options offered by Coinbase for Cryptocurrency are not great. You will be limited to only the most popularized coins like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

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Is Coinbase for you?

This purely depends on what you prioritize. If you are a beginner in understanding Cryptocurrency or a casual investor who just desires to own it, Coinbase is a great place for you. You will love how they allow exchanges to happen without hassle or confusion. On the other hand, if you are experienced in this field, you might want to look for alternatives to Coinbase. You might soon experience frustration with Coinbase.


Voyager, formerly called Ethos, is an alternative to Coinbase. This is literally the best app when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. This app offers security and keeps you in the loop with the ever-changing market in Cryptocurrency. If you like commission-free trading and want something on the go for your cryptocurrency exchanges, this is the place for you!

This app offers way more choices than Coinbase does. Voyager offers more than 50 online assets. There are many in-app tools available on this app, which makes it easy for you to track, chart, and manage your online portfolio. You can even earn a staggering interest of 9.5 % APR on 17 of the top online assets on the Voyager application.

Currently, Voyager is only open to the United States Of America and its territories, other than New York. It has been announced that the app will shortly be available to use in Canada, too. They have announced that it will merge with LGO, which is basically a digital asset exchange that focuses on the institution, that is based in Europe. This will assist in bringing this app to Europe.

Voyager includes unique exchange capabilities, a secure cryptocurrency wallet, as well as a news feed. It includes many tools that an experienced cryptocurrency trader will need, as well as offers the simplicity that is required for someone not very experienced. However, it is not recommended for beginners. For beginners, Coinbase is simpler. This app is the best for iPhones.

While Coinbase is well established in the market, Voyager is still upcoming. Voyager gives interest to the investors who maintain an amount in their Voyager account. Coinbase does not offer this benefit. Voyager’s sign-up process is easier than the sign-up process of Coinbase. In Voyager, the KYC is approved in just 10 minutes.

When you sign up to Voyager, you will receive 25 dollars of bitcoin credited to your Voyager account.

Is Voyager for me?

Voyager is the app for you if you are an intermediate trader who is into exploring many types of Cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin and Litecoin. Commission-free trading is profitable for someone who wishes to invest in smaller amounts or perhaps make many investments, such as a day trader.

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In a world where everything is turning digital, Cryptocurrency is the up and coming kind of currency. It is essential to know which app is suitable for you before you begin trading. Both Coinbase and Voyager are both useful in different ways and aim at assisting traders in cryptocurrency exchange. But don’t forget to weigh the pros and cons before deciding which one is for you.