This article will provide you a clear understanding as to how to work with IQ options paper trading and if they provide such an account for options. There are several brokers that provide a paper trading accounts already but IQ options is a good way to practice before getting into the real market.

Dealing in stocks is not something that comes naturally to everyone. One needs a good amount of research and studying before you can actually open an account and put your foot down in the trading game.

Does IQ Options Have A Paper Trading Account

Various platforms provide access to the trading business by letting you open an account with them. But before you dive into something concrete, it is important to have thorough knowledge about the platform that you are using.

What are IQ options?

IQ options is one of the leading trading platforms for brokers dealing in Forex and CFD. It was launched in 2013, and since then, it has laid a solid foundation in the industry.

They started off with Forex and CFD, but now they also provide services for other instruments like stocks, commodities, cryptocurrency, stocks, etc.

IQ option provides its users with a variety of assets, which includes an interface that is intuitive, and efficient trading app for both mobile and laptop, and extraordinary customer service.

Apart from that, the users also have access to a large number of technical analysis tools to work with. The platform also provides you with market information, news updates, as well as free access to various educational resources to better understand trading.

What makes IQ options a highly reliable company is their compliance with all the regulatory requirements of the country where it is operational.

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What is paper trading?

Paper trading is like simulation training for a trade. It allows you to practice the nuances of investment in trade without the risk of losing actual money.

Paper trading is done mostly on online simulators that mimic the stock market. It provides an actual feel of the trading market by letting you buy and sell stocks.

The simulators being used today allow the traders to try their skills in the live market without putting in any amount of capital as investment.

It is not only a great way to up your trading game; it can also provide you a great platform to test run any new strategies that you wish to employ in the real market.

Since paper trading does not involve the risk of real capital investment, a false sense of security might always linger over your head.

Many online brokers have, therefore, started providing paper trading accounts to their clients.

What types of accounts do IQ options offer?

IQ options offer their clients two types of accounts.

  •    Real account

This account allows you to trade in the real market. You can invest, buy, and sell a stock, and strategize your investment plan, etc. You just have to put in initial fees of $10 for the activation of the account, and then you can move forward with trading in any instrument.

  •  Demo account

A demo account or paper trading account is a free account that provides you the same features as the real account with a few limitations. It is a perfect set up to practice trading and strategizing before going big on investments.

Does IQ options have a paper trading account?

As mentioned earlier, a paper trading account is like a simulation that helps you practice the trade.

With IQ options, you can sign up for a free account that goes by the name of Demo account before going for a real one.

Just like paper trading, the Demo account of IQ options lets you practice your trading skills before actually experimenting in the market. It offers features that are similar to a real trading account so that you can experience the novices of not just trade but also get handy with how the platform works.

What assets do IQ options Paper Trading Account offer?

IQ options have a lot of assets to offer for investment. They are as follows:

  • Stocks

The platform offers its clients access to trade shares of around fifty world-renowned companies from various domains.

  • Cryptocurrency

The platform offers a good list of cryptocurrency options to invest in. Some of them are Bitcoins, Ripple, and other top cryptocurrencies.

  • Commodities

IQ options also provide a range of commodities like gold, silver, oil, and other such popular items to invest in.

  • Forex

It is one of the first assets that IQ options paper trading offered to its clients. The company offers a lot of trading options when it comes to forex like GBD/CAD, EUR/USD, etc.

With IQ options, you are not just learning how to trade, but you are also expanding and diversifying your investment portfolio.

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What other benefits do IQ options offer?

Apart from a wide range of assets and services, there are a few more things that you can access when you open an account with IQ options.

Risk management

The company provides multiple technical analytics tools to its clients for proper risk management. Trailing stop-loss, auto close are a few of the many options available with the company.

IQ blog

The blog is one of the most resourceful things on the website. A collection of articles written by experts can guide you through the entire process of trading and help you carve a successful path in the business.

Market news

The platform provides daily news feeds that help you keep track of the latest market trends and any other hot buzz related to the trading industry.

Video tutorial Paper Trading

Sometimes reading about a concept might not prove to be of any benefits. Therefore, IQ options provide its clients with free access to video tutorials that can help even a beginner to get comfortable with the complications of the market and understanding its dynamics.


What IQ options offer is an impressive technology with a remarkable range of assets and trading instruments. Its intuitive interface and other resources have made it easy for the customers to understand trade learn how to strategize efficiently.

The user-friendly access to resources, ability to practice trade over a demo account, ease of access, is what makes IQ options a terrific choice for trading and investment.